Professional History

Our staff has an impressive resume of excellence in communications, B2B and consumer marketing, corporate, digital, social media and product marketing.  We are experienced leaders with extensive know-how in supporting profit and non-profit organizations. We have a reputation for driving strategy, exhibiting superior people skills, and leading change through facilitation and workshops. Utilizing the latest technology, we execute award winning and sustainable short- and long-term strategies including the design, development, and deployment of products, programs and service lines for our clients.


Relevant Skills and Experience

Technology, Competitive Analysis, Go-to-Market Strategy, Marketing Communications, Brand Management, Account Management, Product/Program Launch, Multi-channel Marketing, Public Relations, Superiior People Skills, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Market Planning, Sponsorship Activation, Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodologies, Audit & Compliance, Public Policy, Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships, Board Membership, Chief Executive Officer Succession, Change Processes, Diverse Industry Insights, Fundraising, Corporate and Non-profit Support.

Awards & Campaigns

Brand Campaigns, Political Campaigns, Facilitation, Trade Shows, Events, Print Design, Shopper Marketing, Promotional Advertising, Point of Purchase Programs & Displays, Web/Mobile App, Experiential, Public Service, Charitable/Non-Profit, Healthcare & Education, Interactive, Content, Woman in Business, Leadership.

Did you know?

We have been involved in more than 300 product launches, engaged in over 400 public presentations, 100 media events, and regular social media outreach to 25,000 leaders.