Ark Mobile is an app created to provide a single social platform that connects pets and pet owners to the resources they need to be successful throughout the entirety of the pet lifecycle. Exert 360 was approached to create brand standards for this growing company. At the onset of building a business, branding might not seem like the most important thing to cultivate, but establishing the foundations of your brand by creating a brand book although tedious, can bring long-term benefits well worth the effort. A brand book also called a brand style guide or a brand guide, among other similar terms is essentially the document that sets distinct guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all aspects of the business.


Before creating this brand book to guide all aspects of the business, we needed to envision what the brand should be. This means understanding four key components: the brand's mission, its vision (which includes core values), target audience, and brand persona.


One of the biggest benefits of having a brand book is that it gives the business a framework of consistency and cohesion. This consistency and cohesive messaging serve as great tools for defining your company's personality. From a creative team to marketers to sales teams, a brand book helps align different departments in communicating consistent messaging, marks, and logo usage.

Some of the things we included in the brand book were:

  • mission/vision
  • logos
  • color palette
  • typography
  • design system
  • imagery
  • tone of voice


What we created for Ark Mobile is a visually appealing brand book achieving consistency in color scheme, tone of voice, and logo usage across all platforms. It delivers a level of professionalism that tells customers Ark Mobile is a brand they can trust. From in-house media relations to marketing messaging, Ark Mobile has a well-made brand book that ensures everyone is on the same page and can now consistently deliver a unified message that is always on-brand. We are currently working to boost ASO, app downloads, and social media outreach. We will update with those efforts soon. Cheers!

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