Stronger Together NC Campaign | Timeline: 4 Weeks

The Idea

The North Carolina Community Development Initiative and the North Carolina Housing Coalition are each statewide intermediaries with long and successful histories of working on behalf North Carolina’s underserved communities. By joining forces, they created an innovative and strategic model by leveraging each organization’s individual strengths to enhance community impact. Rather than a merger, they adopted an interlocking board structure that allows for shared governance, but also preserves the “brand” and formal corporate structure of both the Initiative and the Coalition.

The Challenge

The CEO of this new venture approached me for strategic guidance in announcing, gaining board approval for, and promoting the project. We analyzed the strengths of both organizations and strategized with them on timing of the announcement, ultimately agreeing on the Annual Housing Conference. Fueled by the concept of collaboration, we created a theme for the partnership: “Stronger Together NC.” We dipped into our toolbox and identified the way of announcing that would generate the most impact. We created a logo pairing to symbolize the partnership, an emotional invoking five-minute video, a takeaway card for conference attendees to bring information back to their communities, and a microsite that hosts the announcement and all relevant partnership information.

The strategy was a huge success, gaining 100% approval from both boards and a great deal of excitement and chatter from around the state. We continue to support the partnership by strategizing on new opportunities and evaluating monthly analytics on website usage.

A Stronger Together Logo Lockup to symbolize the partnership provided in CMYK & RGB with usage guidelines:

A 5-minute engaging Video that includes a background of each company, how the partnership was established, and what benefits arise from the partnership.

The video includes B-roll footage, still images, professional voice-over, with animated graphics, and captured, interview-style video clips of key stake holders and partnership advocates filmed in our studio via green screen. This engaging video offered an excellent way to introduce the partnership at the housing conference, on the micro-site, and through social media.

A Giveaway Card handed out during the conference and other housing events. The card includes the Stand Together Logo Lockup, contact information, partnership summary, and a QR code that takes the user directly to the microsite for more information.

Print Specifications: Size: 3 x 5 inches Ink: 4/color process, Paper Stock: 14 pt. card stock, coated both sides and satin finish

A Micro-Website with an independent domain, focused on the services offered by the partnership. The microsite itself has links back to each partner’s website.

The microsite includes a partnership summary, announcement video, mission statement, FAQs, endorsements and contact information. Usage is evaluated with the client monthly.

Client Feedback:


Carl, from my first conversation with you, I felt confident that you could pull this off, even though we were asking a great feat in a short period of time. You did it! You all managed this project perfectly in spite of imperfect (and picky) clients. I appreciated the gentle reminders and the updates into the night. The entire team was great – please thank them for me. Thanks for helping to make it possible!


Tara Kenchen | President & CEO

Winner of 2016 Communicator Awards

Stronger Together NC Partnership Announcement