New to the political stage, Satana Deberry ran for Durham District Attorney and approached Exert 360 needing a political brand identity and website that best reflects her platform and persona to her constituency. This platform would be her introduction to the DA race and an opportunity to demonstrate her “know how”. The site needed to be an informational brochure for her candidacy, a blog that could be updated regularly with posts, and a CRM / fundraising tool. We also were tasked with supporting the campaign through social media outreach.


We needed to secure the URL, develop logos, create brand identity (colors, fonts), and build a digital platform (website and social media) to drive traffic and generate support. The target audience for the website was citizens of Durham County seeking information on the candidacy. The website’s CRM and fundraising tools had to adhere to federal election fundraising standards and reporting. We were also tasked with driving campaign volunteers through website traffic generated via Facebook and Twitter. Did I mention we had only 2-weeks to launch!


A series of hi-resolution logos not only promoted the candidate but also reflected the strong history of Durham. A helpful, clean, approachable, credible website focused on delivering the candidates message and building support. The secure site includes an introduction, meet the candidate, platform, volunteer, contact, donate and events pages. It also includes links to social media pages on Facebook and Twitter built by Exert 360.

Development of social media Facebook and Twitter pages to get people excited about the candidate and content that helped to drive them back to the website to donate and volunteer.


This was a ground-breaking campaign with many fast-moving parts. Satana Deberry is now the new Durham District Attorney! Deberry defeated an incumbent to win the race, garnering 48.8% of the vote (three candidate race). The strategy implemented was a big success and the citizens of Durham County have spoken. We had over 21,000 visitors to the website and 855,000 hits, 2000 social media followers with 3000 daily impressions, and over 800 posts.

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