Mixed Institute is a beauty school specializing in cosmetology, barbering, barber cross-over, and manicuring located in Sacramento, CA. Rob, one of the owners, approached us about helping to develop strategy that would help a failing website and increase leads and enrollment. Exert 360 agreed to conduct a website and social media assessment to see what type of traffic was being generated based on the current program. It was clear to us after conducting the evaluation that website optimization (content, SEO, search, and lead generation) could be improved, so we started there and agreed to address PPC in phase II


Based on findings, Exert 360 needed to redesign the current website focusing our efforts on content writing, search engine optimization and ranking, online directories, video production, design, and lead generation.


We designed a helpful, clean, interactive website focused on delivering the school’s message and building rapport with potential students. Although the site is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate, much of the work was done on the back-end to make it SEO friendly. This work was done to help improve the leads being generated from the site.


This project resulted in a beautiful, easy to navigate Postsecondary Education school website ready to attract potential new students with easy to digest content, informative videos, and several ways to quickly continue the interaction online or in-person. In the first month, overall leads and enrollment were up due to our extensive search engine optimization work. We’ve seen over 100% lift in website traffic, +25% leads month over month, and enrollment targets met. Credit is due to the admissions staff: as we bring the leads, they enroll the students. Mixed Institute is now ranked locally in the top 5 in Google search engine results for all educational programs absent of any paid search or PPC.

We are currently working to enhance email marketing, PPC, and social media outreach. We will update with those efforts soon. Cheers!

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