Airing Thursdays at 8 PM on UNCTV, ncIMPACT examines issues around North Carolina including education, jobs, healthcare, and others. Host Anita Brown-Graham, from the UNC School of Government, goes into the communities that are tackling these problems head on. Talking to the people on the ground, Brown-Graham identifies ways in which they are positively affecting others and making changes, while examining if these innovative solutions can be applied in other communities across the state. The ncIMPACT team did a great job launching the groundbreaking show. The stories and guests were first rate. The team sought ways to better connect with stakeholders and community leaders.


Exert 360 was approached to help grow the popularity of the show and spur conversation around the important topics through social media. We worked with the show creators to develop a Twitter Chat series every Thursday at noon. The goal was to hear from experts in the know on the topics that would air that evening at 8 PM on UNCTV. The more people involved, the greater the reach.


They first settled on a title “Join us for Lunching with ncIMPACT”, second tested different promotional creative to see what best connected with users. The Twitter Bird creative was most appealing.

We promoted specific #hashtags that were inline with the TV show topic of that day and invited stakeholders to join the chat. Each chat is hosted by an expert in that specific field, involves the organizations of those profiled and interviewed on the show, and contains previously developed questions so that participants can benefit from guided discussions. The chat is heavily promoted in the days before on social media, email newsletters, and websites.

Our Goals for Participation:

  1. To generate more followers and engagement with Twitter profiles
  2. To increase interest and viewership of the TV Show
  3. To directly attribute viewers/followers to the Twitter Chat


They saw a large increase in impressions and an increase in engagements in the days leading up to the chat and the day of the chat. Impressions grew each chat because posts got better and generated more retweets.

There was a bump in followers (about 25 new followers average) each chat. Also, followers are increasing at a faster rate than previous to the chats, even on days they are not chatting. The TV show viewership saw improvement, so they continue to try and improve promotional messaging.

For a next step we would love to see an aggressive start to measure engagement of local leaders. To do so, they will need to encourage viewers to connect to additional resources relevant to the content and create some “for additional resources” content that could live on either UNCTV’s or the SOG’s ncIMPACT platforms and be accessed by leaving contact information.

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